Bonus Offers | Products

Product bonus offers apply to the selected product and it's variants and can be either a fixed point amount per product or a multiplier.

Fixed point bonus will add the the bonus to the total for each quantity of an item in the cart. For example if a customer buys 3 variants of a product with a 100 point bonus, they will receive 300 bonus points in addition to their regular rewards.

Multiplier bonuses increase the rewards value of each product variant. These also apply to each quantity of these variants in the cart. The reward value of an items purchase with a multiplier bonus off is calculated as Quantity Purchased × Purchase Price × Point Award Value × Multiplier.

For example if a 2x multiplier is offered on an item sold for $50 with loyalty awards equal to 5 points per dollar, and the customer buys 3 of them, they will receive 3 × 50 × 5 × 2 = 1500 reward points.

Bonus Offers - Products | Incentivise

Bonus offers can be optionally configured with a start and end date. If no start date is entered then the bonus offer begins immediately. If no end date is entered then the bonus offer does not expire.

To add a bonus offer, click the  button at the bottom right. In the new row, click the new field under the Active Bonuses header to bring up the Product picker dialog. Then, select the type of offer, either Fixed or Multiplier, enter a value and if desired a start date and end date. Once you have finished, click the  button to save.

To make changes to a bonus offer, click the  button. To delete a bonus offer, click the  button.

Only one product can be selected per bonus offer, but there is no limit to the number of offers you may configure.